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Lake City Hospital offers services in medical surgical in-patient stays, outpatient surgery, paediatric surgery with 24 hour emergency care, diagnostic radiology and laboratory, internal medicine and family practice. With experienced specialists and top paediatric surgeons in: Cancer Surgery, Burn And Plastic Surgery, Pain And Palliative Care, Paediatric Surgery, Minimal Access Gynaec Surgery, Paediatric hernia repair surgery, Paediatric laparoscopic surgery, Child burn recovery and all other routine general and laparoscopic surgeries make Lake City Hospital the best surgical centre in the area. Our expert paediatric surgeons are veterans with Paediatric hernia repair surgery, Paediatric laparoscopic surgery and other forms of paediatric surgery like Child burn care , minimal access gynaec surgery, etc. Paediatric Surgery is a sensitive type of surgery and needs to be performed only by experienced paediatric surgeons otherwise the effects could be disastrous. Our Paediatric surgeons are experienced and skillful in paediatric surgery and can expertly perform Paediatric hernia repair surgery , child laparoscopy surgery and take care of child burns. Paediatric surgery is one of our areas of mastery and we are trustworthy when it comes to special cases. Our paediatric surgeons are a collective unit that have a history of successful Paediatric hernia repair surgery, Paediatric laparoscopic surgery and child burn treatment.